Our 7 Favorite NextGen
Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks for NextGen

As a consultant, I love to train people to utilize NextGen effectively. Whether it be in a classroom, at the elbow, via Web Conferencing, or building training materials and videos, there is something so rewarding about helping a user reach that “a-ha!” moment. My favorite part is when I get to learn a new trick or workflow from a NextGen user. When that happens I cannot wait to use the new tool I just learned to help someone else in their daily procedures. Showing a seasoned user something they didn’t know feels pretty gratifying as well. I love the look on their face when you show them some simple trick that makes their day just a tiny bit easier or saves them a click.

Whether you are a new NextGen user or an experienced veteran, finding new and innovative ways to navigate your EHR is an invaluable experience. The hallmark of the most successful and high-performing individuals is their inherent drive to continue learning and growing. Here at John Lynch & Associates, we believe that fostering an environment of growth and development in ourselves and our clients is our highest calling. We would love to send you our favorite tips & tricks document in order to assist you in using your NextGen product in the most efficient manner possible! You can use these tools to assist you in your everyday practices and can contact us for a more in-depth look at how best to utilize your NextGen system!

– Echo Miranda, Senior Consultant

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