6 Reasons Hiring a Consultant is Right for Your Healthcare Organization

March 6, 2023

2022 brought us new workplace lingo such as ‘quiet quitting’, ‘quiet firing’, and ‘fast quitting’. However, with a new year here, a new workplace trend that managers and employees should be prepared for is quiet hiring.

According to an article by entrepreneur.com, the concept of quiet hiring is the idea that businesses can add new skills and fill gaps without hiring additional full-time employees. There are two forms of quiet hiring – internal and external. Briefly, internal quiet hiring is when current employees temporarily move to other roles or take on different tasks within the organization. External quiet hiring is hiring consultants to keep a business’s engines running smoothly without taking on more full-time employees.

With this new workplace trend on the horizon, companies are looking for consultants to fill the gaps. With that in mind, here are 6 reasons hiring a consultant can be the right direction for your organization.


Consultants Have Subject Matter Expertise

In some cases, leadership may see hiring a consultant as an added expense. Rather, consultants can be valuable assets to healthcare organizations. Their treasured subject matter expertise brings years of industry knowledge to your organization. A consultant’s refined knowledge working with many healthcare organizations large and small uniquely qualifies them to produce results immediately while remaining flexible.


Consultants are Low Risk, High Reward

In today’s economic landscape, hiring talent is challenging. Rather than taking months to hire and train an employee, bringing on a healthcare consultant will give you quick access to experts that hit the ground running and add immediate value to your organization.


Consultants Provide Guidance During Periods of Change

Periods of change within an organization is another reason to hire a consultant. Organizational change can be due to expansion, relocation, or implementation of new policies, procedures, or systems. During these transition periods, workloads increase, including more specialized projects. New job functions may also be identified but the organization is not ready to hire more full-time employees – consultants provide support for these areas for as short or long as you need them.


Consultants Bring an Outside Perspective

Bringing in a consultant to plan, initiate, manage, and execute a project objectively can be a huge benefit to healthcare organizations. Being exposed to many different organizational structures, healthcare-specific problems, and problem-solving approaches helps a consultant recommend a solution that may not have been considered without their unique perspective.

Furthermore, healthcare consultants stay laser focused on what is best for the healthcare organization by assessing situations objectively as they are free from any previous staff relationships, office politics, or career advancement goals.


Consultants Get Projects Done

All too often we see healthcare organizations lack clarity and direction resulting in missed deadlines and incomplete projects. Consultants take the time to understand the project requirements, spell them out in detail while keeping project goals at the forefront. They make sure every stakeholder is reminded of the end goal and has a clear understanding of the steps to the finish line.

On other occasions, departments, or internal teams are too busy to set aside time and resources needed to execute the project. Hiring a consultant to implement, manage, and execute the project allows them to focus on mission-critical tasks without disrupting the team’s day-to-day responsibilities.


Consultants Streamline Processes

When hiring a consultant for an initial project, they become remarkably familiar with organizational culture, team, and processes. Drawing from their expertise and vast experience, consultants successfully identify other areas that can be improved, streamlined, or automated.

With quiet hiring projected for 2023, many companies are looking for consultants to fill the gaps. Consider partnering with a John Lynch & Associates’ consultant to bring tremendous value to your healthcare organization.

From expertise and experience to quick results, fresh perspective, and a commitment to success, we are a valuable resource to you now and in the future. For more information on how we can add value to your organization, contact us today at 623.980.8018 or by email at inquiries@johnlynchandassociates.com.

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