A 2020 Vision for John Lynch & Associates in the Healthcare Industry

January 7, 2020

As the CEO of John Lynch & Associates, 2019 brought immense clarity, several surprises, and ground-breaking opportunities – not only for us as a consulting company in the healthcare industry, but also for our clients who aim to provide the utmost quality care for patients.

In the year to come, the healthcare industry in the United States will be impacted in many different and unique ways, including advances in telehealth, quantum computing, transformative innovation, and humanizing patient care in an ever more digital world.

At John Lynch & Associates, we are responding to the wave of changes impacting healthcare by aligning our services to best meet our client’s needs while we continue our mission of advancing healthcare.

The 2020 Healthcare Landscape

As we break into a new decade, there are numerous trends we can expect to see continue or emerge for healthcare providers, insurers, and legislative leaders.

For instance, healthcare spending is expected to rise. Meanwhile, the life expectancy of the average American will continue to climb, pushing the population over the age of 65 to new levels. At the same time, healthcare organizations will be challenged as non-communicable diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes continue to increase in prevalence.

On the operational front, financial stability for healthcare providers will be challenged, particularly as we as a nation continue to shift to a value-based care model rather than fee-for-service model. Certainly, the intentions of the industry are good; we are all striving for improved health outcomes. However, we have yet to determine how financial strains will facilitate or hinder our goals.

Similarly, many new technologies and payment models are being developed. As they are applied to real-world operations, we will need to embrace change and combat challenges with data-driven strategies.

Overall, digital innovation and transformation are at an all-time high, which is allowing us to improve the supply chain, finance, HR, and revenue cycle management methodologies critical to a strong healthcare infrastructure.

As the 2020 horizon comes closer and becomes our new, working reality, advances in data analytics, technology, and quality-focused strategic initiatives are reshaping the healthcare industry from the inside out by making health care delivery more efficient and accessible.

Our Commitment to Advancing Healthcare

Here at John Lynch & Associates, we are proud and humbled to be a part of such a forward-thinking industry dedicated to improving the lives of others. With so many promising improvements becoming available in 2020, we are transforming how we serve our clients – the healthcare organizations – to support this unifying mission.

Improving Knowledge

Throughout 2019, we continued to improve our knowledge and understanding of complex topics affecting healthcare by being members of various healthcare organizations. As we step into 2020, we are dually committed to continuing to expand our expertise.

Many of the innovations that are expected to expand in 2020 – such as telehealth, population health tools, and analytical tools – are forced to either step up and embrace the changes or fall short of advancing healthcare.

Our goal at John Lynch & Associates is to ensure no well-meaning healthcare organization is left behind.

By keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry by following news and breakthroughs, conducting thorough research, examining existing and emerging tools, and implementing the most efficient and effective tools, we are able to stay out in front of these innovative changes as well as ensure our clients can, too.

Altering Services

We certainly have a progressive perspective here at John Lynch & Associates. Our expert consultants are constantly watching emerging technologies and anticipating how they will impact our clients. As such, we as strategists are also constantly refining our strategies of helping bridge the gap between our clients and the future of healthcare.

By implementing methods internally for ourselves, we are also able to prepare, revamp, and improve how we optimize and deploy project management for our clients. The strategic process of evaluation and assessment to determining not only where you need to go, but how to get there is critical to aligning ourselves and healthcare organizations with these ever-changing ways of the industry.

In seeing the changes in the healthcare industry, we have also had to reevaluate the services we provide to ensure we are providing relevant, impactful, and long-lasting improvements for our clients. We began by looking at those factors inwardly first so that we can best prepare to help healthcare organizations outwardly.

As a result, we are able to offer healthcare organizations any portion of our expert services they need – in many different areas – to keep the organizations strong and while advancing healthcare and improving patient care. Rather than applying a cookie-cutter solution, we look at all aspects of an organization and best align our areas of expertise and our services to meet the needs of the organization.

In all, we are transforming ourselves and our company from the inside in order to have the greatest impact for our valued clients and the American population as a whole.

Developing New Tools

Much of growth has to do with ensuring that the tools we are using are evolving as the industry and needs evolve. When we examine different areas of an organization such as workflow processes, revenue cycle management processes, strategy, or organizational alignment, we make adjustments where necessary to problem-solve and guide the organization to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare.

For example, in the numerous technological areas that affect healthcare, what used to work in the past may not necessarily work or be most effective going forward. By looking at current best practices and ahead to transformative innovations, we have made adjustments to many of our tools.

Our new and improved tools ensure that we are continuing to solve challenges healthcare organizations are experiencing today and in the future. In particular, our assessment process goes through an organization at both a high level and a granular level to ensure that the organization is strong.

If we identify areas that could be approved upon, that assessment will highlight those areas so that we can then drill in deeper, leverage our expertise to help them resolve issues, and to make changes that are going to propel the organization forward.

Training & Nurturing Staff

Our staff culture is one of collaboration and commitment. As a company, we at John Lynch & Associates are dedicated to excellence, which requires continuous education and reeducation around the challenges that we and our clients are encountering.

Of course, we are also predicting and planning for the future. By continually collaborating around the anticipated changes affecting healthcare in a classroom-style setting, we frequently test and retest our tools to simultaneously train and evaluate our expertise.

Our goal is to have the greatest impact on our clients’ organizations as a whole with maximum efficiency and diligence. As we strengthen and improve our training programs for new staff that are coming on board, we are growing to be well aligned with those needs and changes.

Furthermore, as we continue to nurture our highly collaborative culture, we strive to ensure that the entire John Lynch & Associates’ team is in alignment with the ultimate goal of collaborating for the sake of providing the utmost excellent service to our clients and helping our clients improve the quality of our nation’s healthcare.

The new year promises many exciting challenges and shifts for the healthcare industry. I am proud to say that I work with some of the most passionate, intelligent, and dedicated men and women in healthcare consulting.

In 2020 and always, we at John Lynch & Associates pledge to continuously improve ourselves and strengthen our internal tools and resources for the purpose of serving our clients and advancing healthcare.

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