Advancing Healthcare Through OneTouch Telehealth Partnership

December 17, 2019

One Touch Telehealth and John Lynch & Associates team up to further advance healthcare with virtual telehealth solutions that empower organizations to have their own solution in minutes.

John Lynch & Associates is pleased to announce that One Touch Telehealth, a leading provider of virtual telehealth solutions, has partnered with John Lynch & Associates as a reseller of One Touch’s suite of products. Providing scalable platforms to deliver care for any clinical setting, One Touch Telehealth gives health systems everything they need to power a 2-click simplicity telehealth program that provides the highest patient and provider adoption while focusing on patient outcomes.

One Touch Telehealth is part of the One Touch Brands Family. It was founded by Industry Executives FOR Industry Executives. The One Touch team is no stranger to technological innovation, either by running large companies or starting their own. The seasoned executive team has founded 9 previous startups prior to founding their One Touch Telehealth company.

John Lynch & Associates provides operational expertise that covers a wide range of specialties for ACOs, hospitals, tribal groups, behavioral health organizations and ambulatory practices. The management consulting services that John Lynch & Associates delivers complements the One Touch Telehealth product to ensure each organizations’ success with their telehealth solution.

“We understand clinical workflows, provider pain points and the methodology to streamline operational and billing processes for the greatest results,” said Katie Lynch, Chief Operating Officer of John Lynch & Associates. “We also understand providers’ desires for more face-to-face care. Implementing best practices and sound strategies while encouraging organizations to work to the top of their licensure allows this to become a reality. We are confident this partnership will continue to provide our clients with options to enhance and optimize patient care.”

For more information, please contact us at (623) 980-8018.

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