At Work – The Struggle is Real

May 10, 2022


Does it seem that everything you do at work is a little more challenging than it used to be? If you have these thoughts, I don’t think that you are alone. There is so much happening in our world at an ever-increasing speed that affects us, sometimes without us really knowing the specific causes. I believe we all need a reset now and then to help us to perform better and more efficiently once again.

A reset involves taking time out for yourself. Clearing your mind and surroundings so that you can relax and think clearly. Reexamine your personal and organizational goals to see how you’re progressing. Also take a hard look at what might be distracting you from your work. Most people want to do well in their jobs but often lose sight of their direction and personal work ethic. Find the roots to these distractions and begin pulling them out!

Distractions can come in many forms. You might not have direct control over some challenges but those that you do, make positive changes. These adjustments will help you regain control, increase motivation, and become more successful at work again. This in turn will help grow your confidence and minimize that daily struggle. You will be working hard again!

Hard Work

I believe we were created with a desire to work. Most of us want to work hard. And many of us want to succeed because of our hard work. And hard work, a truly diligent effort to complete tasks, brings greater personal satisfaction. With this satisfaction comes an inner strength and peace. With peace comes greater joy. Positive effort with positive results resets our efforts down a more positive path.

Keep in mind though, that hard work alone is not enough. We must also know where we are going and direct ourselves down that path. This requires focus.


Working hard is not enough. We must also know what our efforts hope to accomplish and then focus our eyes on that result. Recently, I heard a story about a swimmer named Florence Chadwick. Florence decided to attempt a 26-mile swim between the California coastline and Catalina Island. She traveled with a team whose job was to keep an eye out for sharks, and to assist with cramps, injury, or fatigue.

Roughly 15 hours into her swim a thick fog set in. The fog started messing with Florence’s focus and confidence. She relayed to her team that she didn’t think she was going to make it. She swam for another hour before she quit. As she was sitting in the teetering boat, she discovered that if she swam for one more mile, she would have reached Catalina Island. Florence had quit on her dream, with her goal just a short distance away, because she lost focus.

Focus is essential for everything we set out to accomplish. Hard work without direction is often fruitless.

Two months after Florence’s failed attempt she tried the swim again. And just like the first-time thick fog set in again. This time she had a mental image of the shoreline in her mind as she pushed herself along. Her focus on this result, her goal, helped her succeed. She even succeeded in completing the swim two additional times.

Be the Example

In the process of working hard we can often become distracted because of the way others around us are acting. You might become frustrated with coworkers who are not being effective or come in late and leave early every day. Like the fog for Florence, this is just a distraction that can be resolved.

There is a saying that you are who you hang around. In a case like this, be the example. Keep your focus and continue to work hard. Stay humble and focus your efforts. Those around you will see your hard work and hopefully will want to work hard with you. As we stated before, you might not be able to change all your distractions, but you can certainly have an influence over them.

Expect to Succeed

Work will become lighter again as you reset, work hard, focus your efforts, and work to be the example for others. This is a formula for success. So, expect to succeed!

Did you know that studies show that positive thinking benefits your physical and mental well-being? And people who maintain a more positive outlook on life cope with stress better, have better immunity, and lower their risk of premature death? Not with an intention to be morbid but that sounds pretty good!

Better health benefits us. And these benefits might come from a quiet reset. Examine where you are currently and focusing on where you want to go. Then, work hard with an intentional focus on your goals. Be the best example you can be for others around you and then expect to succeed.

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