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A 2020 Vision for John Lynch & Associates in the Healthcare Industry

By John Lynch, MBA | Chief Executive Officer | January 7, 2020

As the CEO of John Lynch & Associates, 2019 brought immense clarity, several surprises, and ground-breaking opportunities – not only for us as a consulting company in the healthcare industry, but also for our clients who aim to provide the utmost quality care for patients. In the year to come, the healthcare industry in the…

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Advancing Healthcare Through OneTouch Telehealth Partnership

By Press Release | December 17, 2019

One Touch Telehealth and John Lynch & Associates team up to further advance healthcare with virtual telehealth solutions that empower organizations to have their own solution in minutes. John Lynch & Associates is pleased to announce that One Touch Telehealth, a leading provider of virtual telehealth solutions, has partnered with John Lynch & Associates as…

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Meet Our New Sales Consultant: Heather Goodnight-Brown

By Jaime Dunagan | Director of Marketing & Business Development | December 10, 2019

At John Lynch & Associates, we take pride in the relationships we have built since inception. Because of these relationships, our company continues to grow. Meet Heather! Heather Goodnight-Brown was a Florida native for 39 years before moving to upstate New York in 2010. She spent her youth on the back of a horse, either…

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Has Transformative Innovation Hurt Your Organization’s Patient Experience

By Katie Lynch, CAHIMS | Chief Operating Officer | December 3, 2019

The healthcare industry is powered by some of the most brilliant minds in our country – men and women who have spent their lives researching and studying health for the sake of improving patient lives. Simultaneously, pioneers in technology have advanced healthcare in terms of speed, accuracy, and accessibility. However, while we are building the…

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How to Plan for 2020 as HIPAA Violations Reach Unprecedented Heights

By Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Consultant | October 29, 2019

Failure to provide adequate measures to keep patient health information private and secure means that your organization is under the constant threat of facing HIPAA violations and failing to meet compliance regulations. As a healthcare organization, you are not just responsible for the policies and procedures that impact patient health. You are also held accountable…

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Building a Strong RCM Strategy to Ensure Longevity of Service

By Kathy Davis | Consultant | October 22, 2019

Over the past few weeks, we have been aiming a spotlight at the importance of strategy in leadership and operations at the functional level. However, there is another level of strategy that is often overlooked in healthcare organizations: business and revenue cycle management strategy. While healthcare organizations are focused on patients and improving patient quality…

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Using Effective Strategies to Ensure Safety & Quality to Battle the Opioid Crisis

By Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Consultant | October 15, 2019

America’s healthcare industry receives a great deal of attention for a variety of issues, policy changes, red tape regulations, and calls for reform. However, while all those conversations are going on, the men and women who form the foundation of our healthcare industry are focused on improving quality of care, reducing patient ailments, and minimizing…

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What Is Strategy Consulting & Why Is it So Critical Now?

By Katie Lynch, CAHIMS | Chief Operating Officer | October 8, 2019

In the business world today, strategy is more important than ever. At John Lynch & Associates, we specialize in strategy consulting and bringing together thought leadership with the right tools and technology to help our clients navigate through any uncertainties within their organizations. Together, we find the right path to be successful into the future….

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The Benefits of Telehealth for Patients & Healthcare Organizations

By John Lynch, MBA | Chief Executive Officer | September 17, 2019

Technology has become a staple in our modern lives. Yet, while the science and technology that advance our healthcare services have made dramatic improvements in the way providers are able to care for patients, the delivery of healthcare continues to drag behind due to regulatory and compliance hurdles. The field of telecare is one such…

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Mastering Healthcare Marketing & Branding for the Longevity of Your Organization

By Jaime Dunagan | Director of Strategic Engagement & Business Development | September 10, 2019

Two things that typically do not go hand-in-hand are healthcare and marketing. With organizations and providers caring for patients, staying on top of the latest outbreak of influenza or measles, or expanding a wing of their facility to serve more people, healthcare marketing often falls by the wayside. However, if your organization is not making…

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7 Ways Healthcare CIOs Can Increase Their Impact

By John Lynch, MBA | Chief Executive Officer | September 3, 2019

In our modern, click-of-a-button world, the healthcare industry relies on technology to process data, maintain accurate records, and facilitate communication across the entire treatment team. That is why healthcare facilities must have a capable Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Director at the helm. Healthcare CIOs must be able to navigate the fast-paced, challenging world…

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Medicare for All: Special Considerations for Future Healthcare Reform

By Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Consultant | August 20, 2019

In recent years, the phrase Medicare for all has been thrown around in a variety of contexts. Unfortunately, much of the disagreement around this federal healthcare reform concept is based on the fact that the people coming to the table to discuss the matter have different definitions for the term. Additionally, while several important players…

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