Meet Our New Administrative Assistant: Madison Granger

July 29, 2019

Earlier this year, my colleagues on the leadership team at John Lynch & Associates and I happened to meet an incredible young lady who we instantly knew we had to welcome into our organization.

Team building and nurturing is a foundational pillar of our work at John Lynch & Associates. We look for the highest quality people who embody strong internal values and who can convey that value through building rewarding and supportive relationships with our clients.

After a happenstance encounter, we knew right away that Madison fit the bill. In fact, Madison’s beaming positivity and integrity compelled us to make a point to seek out this special young woman.

Now, Madison is the newest member of our team. She is already showing great promise and truly upholds the values we appreciate at John Lynch & Associates.

Young Promise

Originally from Vancouver, Washington, Madison likes to say she was raised by her father and a village. With a strong, supportive community that included her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, she was imbued with a diversity of influences that make her the compassionate, empathetic person she is today.

After moving to Arizona with her grandmother upon completing high school, Madison began working as a waitress while considering her options for a career in healthcare.

As luck would have it, the leadership team at John Lynch & Associates happened to have Madison as our waitress during one of our executive meetings. Her glowing personality was magnetic and we formed an instant bond with her.

Nurturing & Supportive

In her off-time, Madison pursues numerous passions, including fashion, golf, and being outdoors. Yet her all-time favorite pastime is spending time with family and friends.

Her endearing love for being with and supporting others has translated magnificently as she has taken on the role of Administrative Assistant at John Lynch & Associates.

From managing records and communications within the office to adding her touch to our company’s social media profiles and content creation process, Madison is quickly becoming a Jane of many trades.

However, Madison’s favoritism toward job responsibilities such as supporting others, being part of collaborative discussions and decision-making, and ensuring the smooth, efficient operation of the office as a whole indicate that she has boundless ambition and a natural talent for helping teams flourish.

A Passion for People

Though the leadership team and I were confident Madison would be able to add immense value to the company when we first met her, getting to know Madison further reinforced our faith in her.

Madison says, “Healthcare is one of the most important industries and one of the most in need of fixing. Working in healthcare is the best way I can help people and make the most impact.”

In fact, Madison has a deep-seated passion for bringing about progress and change in the healthcare industry. As a young American who lived for some time without healthcare, she has experienced firsthand the challenges uninsured patients face.

“I didn’t like feeling as though I couldn’t take care of my own health,” Madison told us. “What happens to those people who aren’t covered? I know many people who have been hurt by not having insurance or financial support. They’re afraid to go to the doctor for fear of the bills, which can lead to diminished credit and even bankruptcy if they can’t pay.”

By bringing her personal experiences and modern perspectives to the healthcare industry, Madison is positioned to shed light on serious healthcare reforms that have the potential to improve the lives of millions.

As she begins her career in healthcare as a valued member of the John Lynch & Associates team, Madison has goals of working her way up through the company, which we are confident she will do with flying colors.

Her versatility and passion for helping people translate into a wide variety of potential paths. Though Madison has many options ahead of her, we see a long journey with her at John Lynch & Associates and we are blessed to have her as a member of the team.

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