Meet Our New Sales Consultant: Heather Goodnight-Brown

December 10, 2019

At John Lynch & Associates, we take pride in the relationships we have built since inception. Because of these relationships, our company continues to grow.

Meet Heather! Heather Goodnight-Brown was a Florida native for 39 years before moving to upstate New York in 2010. She spent her youth on the back of a horse, either riding her own horse with girlfriends or training and showing horses as well. She loves to paint and has performed, competed and taught ballroom dancing for several years. In her adult years, Heather has spent extensive time in the healthcare and medical field, most in medical marketing and consulting.

Take a few moments, sit down with us and learn more about Heather and why we know she will be a great fit at John Lynch & Associates.

1. How do you benefit those around you?

I try to show love and compassion to everyone I meet. I believe that every person should be treated with that VIP status. I try to light up a room with a friendly smile and good attitude.

2. How do you spend your days?

I am a 4:00am riser. This is when the house is quiet, and I can get creative with my ideas. Other than working a lot and taking care of my family I devote my spare time to playing with my animals. Having 5 horses and 2 goat’s means I am shoveling a lot of manure every day. I love having Sunday dinners making elaborate meals for anyone that wants to come.

3. Which historical figure would you want to be most like, and why?

Susan B. Anthony. Why? Because back then she didn’t have the resources like we are given today and look what she accomplished in her lifetime. She gave women a voice. The confidence she had back then to speak out and to make real change is inspiring!

4. What inspired you to take a leap of faith and work with John Lynch & Associates?

The working relationship and friendship I have with Jaime Dunagan (Director of Marketing & Business Development) definitely! She spoke so highly of the company and what John Lynch & Associates is wanting to achieve. After meeting everyone, I was so excited to see a group that had the same crazy passion that I have about the healthcare industry and the differences we could make together as a strong team.

5. What motivates you every day?

My love for people, my family and most important my 4-legged babies. The thought that today I can make a difference – even if it’s just listening to a simple story from a stranger, maybe I can make their day just a little better.

6. Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?

My daughter and son, Kersten and Hunter. We spent so many years together just the three of us. They never complained when I had to say no to something they wanted. They inspired me to be what I had to be for them. They believed that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do and for that I did everything in my power to stand up to that level. They have always encouraged me that with hard work anything is possible!

As John Lynch & Associates’ Sales Consultant, Heather’s main goal is to bring quality and passion back to the medical community. She hopes to impact as many businesses and people as possible to improve the system. Heather can’t wait to provide many healthcare practices and facilities with our services, and wants to say we made a difference.

When Heathers not out and about in the medical community, you can reach her at Reach out and connect with her!

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