NextGen UGM 2018: Highlights From a Value-Packed Conference

By: Katie Lynch | December 4, 2018

NextGen UGM 2018: Highlights From a Value-Packed Conference

One of the (many) things I love about the work we do at John Lynch & Associates is that our industry is constantly looking for ways to improve.

The healthcare field is one dedicated to constant growth and excellence.

That intrinsic need to strive for greatness in order to serve patients to the very best of our abilities warms my heart – and it is a sentiment that was alive and thriving at the recent UGM 2018 event in Nashville, TN.

From November 11 to 14, Echo Miranda and I attended the annual NextGen Healthcare’s User Group Meeting to collaborate on everything from connected health to financial management to population health and analytics.

A Shared Passion

NextGen has been making some major changes lately. At this year’s UGM, NextGen announced the following initiatives:

  • A new twice-per-year upgrade release schedule, which adds to NextGen’s reliability and dependability.
  • NextGen Mobile, which will maintain EHR relevance in a technologically swift society by providing healthcare at your fingertips.
  • Increased focus on optimizing value-based care by simplifying the process and maximizing the impact providers can have on improving patient health

Clearly, NextGen is continuing to raise their already high standards of service and innovation. Additionally, several of the changes NextGen is making include a deliberate shift toward creating solutions focused on behavioral health and integrated care.

I believe strongly in caring for patients holistically. Mental health has a profound impact on physical wellness and vice versa; thankfully, our healthcare system is now moving toward more integrated care paradigms – and NextGen is leading the way.

During NextGen’s UGM 2018, integrated care was at the heart of several conversations, which further inspired me and my team to consider new ways we can provide excellence to integrated care providers, tribal health FQHCs, and behavioral health providers.

Another point of inspiration came during the keynote speech from Jake Wood of Team Rubicon USA. My colleagues and I were deeply moved by Wood’s perspectives on what it takes to be a leader.

At John Lynch & Associates, we do not just help our clients master the complex art of maximizing efficiency and effectiveness with EHR systems. We also strive to be leaders in our industry and inspire those same leadership qualities in our clients.

Wood truly embodies the qualities necessary to be an effective leader in this challenging and complicated field. His speech was a moving reminder of the unifying goal that brought everyone to UGM 2018: to serve patients better by being the best versions of ourselves.

Advancing Healthcare, Together

My team and I talk a lot about advancing healthcare and the importance of working together to create more sophisticated, efficient workflows and processes in the healthcare sector. However, this year’s UGM event reminded us that advancing healthcare often means starting with a strong foundational understanding.

Throughout the event, it was evident that NextGen put a great deal of time and attention into creating materials that spoke to users of all experience levels.

From the way NextGen’s President & CEO Rusty Frantz brought an endearing human quality to a tech-heavy process in his opening skit to getting to spend one-on-one time with new users answering questions during breakout sessions, this year’s event was undeniably focused on education, excellence, and teamwork.

Boundless Value

In all, this year’s NextGen UGM was bursting with value. We walked away with inspiration, motivation, excitement, connections, and countless fond memories.

I appreciated NextGen’s copious effort to offer attendees as much value as possible – not just as it relates to EHR systems, but as a means to building a community, as well. This year’s annual client event allowed us to connect with clients, peers, and colleagues through authentic, helpful conversations.

We were able to answer questions that had been weighing on many healthcare providers for some time and we saw the needle move in a very real way for several of the people we had the pleasure of interacting with.

From the jovial event at the Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville to sitting on the floor talking about all things NextGen during breakout sessions, this year’s event was an undeniable success.

As we finish up 2018 and look hopefully toward the New Year, my team and I are taking NextGen’s message to heart. By committing to advancing healthcare through consulting excellence, we, too, believe in better – better systems, better healthcare, better outcomes.

Lastly, we want to take a moment to thank NextGen for their incredibly generous donation to Team Rubicon USA. It warms our hearts to know that a portion of our event ticket is going to support disaster relief efforts. This year’s event was already extremely rewarding, but your generous gift to this incredible charity made it even more special.

Have you attended one of NextGen’s UGM events? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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