Organizational Health Assessment Tool

Audit Your Systems for Optimized Performance

Optimizing the health of your organization is much like the process of helping a patient optimize his or her physical well being. The process requires careful attention to detail, frequent check-ins to ensure progress is being made, and creativity in the face of unexpected problems.

Just as you consider all of the body’s systems – including mental health, social factors, and environmental influences – when treating a patient, you must also examine all of the systems within your healthcare organization on a regular basis.

To help you and your team optimize the health of your organization, John Lynch & Associates has created this assessment tool, which is designed to identify the specific areas of improvement your organization should prioritize.

How to Use this Tool

The John Lynch & Associates Organizational Health Assessment Tool is a series of multiple-choice questions designed to assist executives in evaluating the overall health of their organization.

This tool is a condensed version of John Lynch & Associates’ Organizational Evaluation Process, which is used with clients of John Lynch & Associates to create a specific action plan for maximizing the efficiency, productivity, and success of healthcare organizations.

The questions focus on four main areas that are imperative to judging an organization’s overall performance. Please read each question carefully and select the answer that best fits your organization’s current state.

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