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Meet the demands of health plans and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) with expert consulting services from John Lynch & Associates.

Prepare Your

Community Mental Healthcare Organization for Change

Community mental healthcare has recently undergone significant growth with new attention being paid to the importance of timely and appropriate mental health treatment.  This growth has brought about changes in healthcare systems, particularly in the areas of record-keeping and information sharing.

Stay Informed and Supported in Your Community Mental Health Practice

Providers need to stay informed of a patient’s care while also feeling supported in their practice and that is exactly what John Lynch & Associates offers to clients.  From the point of initial contact, to treatment, to continued monitoring, we provide the necessary electronic health records, practice management, and project management support that community mental health programs need to be effective.

Integrative Health Is the Future – Are You Ready?

The integration of behavioral health and physical health services is a complex process.  At John Lynch & Associates we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to ensure that programs and practices are meeting state and federal guidelines for integrative health.

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