Our New Head of Marketing: Meet Jaime Boxley-Dunagan

July 31, 2018

Going from a marketing management role in the commercial and residential real estate world to freelance graphic design, I have been fortunate enough to explore the online marketing world from many angles.

John Lynch & Associates Jaime Dunagan and daughterTransitioning to a freelance role was a true blessing. It allowed me the freedom to work from home while becoming an entrepreneur, which is an adventure that has always been attractive to me.

As the newest member of the John Lynch & Associates family, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce myself to you. I hope that I have an opportunity to work with you and facilitate your work with our incredible team.

Finding a Home at John Lynch & Associates

Throughout my career, I have gravitated to jobs that involve providing support for independent contractors. I have such an admiration for what they do and all the hats freelancers wear. At John Lynch & Associates, I coordinate all of our marketing efforts, which involves managing projects among a team of independent contractors.

Similarly, I am always willing to serve multiple roles within an organization, such filling both marketing and administrative needs. Of course, being a former athlete, I also thrive in team-based environments and love the competitive spirit it brings out in me. John Lynch & Associates truly embodies the team spirit and it is an honor to be a member of this close-knit group of experts.

A Primer to a Fast-Paced World

I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Global Business and Marketing in 20…a long time ago. I would like to say that my degree has prepared me for the challenging world of marketing; however, in my experience, that was not the case – but it definitely opened the door!

Marketing is a fast-paced and ever-changing juggernaut. Much of what I learned in school is not applicable today, especially with the evolution of social media and the internet. Rather, I feel that my career and life experiences and the people that God has sprinkled throughout my life’s journey have led me to where I am today.

A Company with Heart

I joined John Lynch & Associates because I believe in what this incredible company does – I believe in John, Katie, Echo and Dustin. I believe they truly want the best possible outcome for their clients and for the end user – the patient.

They are amazing to watch and listen to in action. They are extremely talented in what they do and I love working with them for many reasons.

John and Katie have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, loyalty and passion for their clients and employees, generous hearts, and crazy fun personalities (stop by the office around 3ish – that is when the entertainment begins!). They are always eager to hear new ideas and think outside the box. John is such a visionary and I am excited to see the growth John Lynch & Associates is experiencing now and onward.

Here to Help

As John Lynch & Associates’ Head of Marketing and Business Development, I wear several hats. I am responsible for brand management, creating efficient workflows throughout my department, administrative tasks, and other marketing-related functions.

However, my main goal is to nurture and grow existing relationships with clients, as well as create new blossoming ones – and that is the greatest joy of my job. When meeting a new prospect, my mindset is that of solving their pain points and figuring out exactly how can John Lynch & Associates can remedy them. Rather than give my 30-second elevator pitch of our list of services, I prefer to get to know potential clients to see if we are truly a good fit to work together.

I also provide marketing support to our amazing consultants because without them John Lynch & Associates would not be where we are today.

You will most likely run into me at conferences, on the phone, and shadowing Katie out in the field. When I am not keeping the John Lynch & Associates gang sane and focused during business hours, you can find me on Facebook. My LinkedIn page is coming soon!

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