Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

December 31, 2019

As we wrap up the year, we are truly humbled and grateful for our clients. Without each of you, we simply would not be here! We thought it would be fun to ask some questions of our staff and give you a deeper glimpse into who we are as individuals and as a team!


Q: What was the highlight of your year?

Jaime: Personally – the highlight of the year would be taking a family trip to Hawaii for 2 ½ weeks. It was such a memorable experience! We spent many relaxing days on the beach which also provided an opportunity to unplug from technology and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the ocean and create memories with my family.

John & Katie: Working with our team every day, learning together, growing together and accomplishing our mission of advancing healthcare for our clients and their patients.

Q: If there was anything that you would change this year, what would it have been?

Madison: The only thing I would’ve changed about this year is making sure that when I was serving the Executive Team breakfast at my previous job that I would’ve brought in a tub of peanut butter to have on hand for their Friday meetings. John loves peanut butter on his pancakes… if only I had always had it on hand maybe I would’ve had this position sooner! Just joking!

Týr, the consultant formerly know as Dustin: I have been working in collaboration with my John Lynch & Associates team on some exciting personal projects. The only thing I wish I could change would be if we started earlier in the year, so I had more time to work on it.

Q: What are some words of wisdom?

John: Iron sharpens iron.

Katie: Our work is not to make a living but to make life worth living!

Jaime: Life is full of peaks and valleys. Enjoy your peaks because they are a result of your determination, faith and patience during the hard climb to the top. Keep moving through your valleys. They are not meant to set up shop and live in. Rather, focus on the blessings that are being prepared for you at your next peak.

Týr: The highest calling of a leader is the growth and development of people. Whether they be employees, peers, or even your own leaders, keep this thought in mind in order to maximize the effectiveness of your work.

Madison: Always be kind.

Jordan: Always check the version of windows when ordering a new company laptop!

Q: Name a challenge John Lynch & Associates has faced this year, and how you helped in overcoming it?

Týr: John Lynch & Associates has had such a busy year! We’ve had so many opportunities to assist both new and established clients with their transformative projects. I was very pleased to play a small part in ensuring that everyone had the tools and support they needed to operate at their highest level!

Jordan: We transitioned from Skype to Teams this year. As part of the IT Department, I helped by doing research on the best transition options and facilitating the upgrade roll-out within the Office 365 admin center.

Q: Tell us about a pleasant surprise.

John: Every year we celebrate our successes as a company. We always keep our celebration activities a surprise to all the staff. This year’s surprise was two and a half days of glamping near the Grand Canyon. Such a fun surprise!

Madison: The privilege of being introduced and be a part of such a wonderful, intelligent team was the biggest most pleasant surprise of all this year!

Q: What new skills or confidence did you gain this year?

Jaime: Being able to accept a compliment without downplaying myself or my skill set – just simply saying ‘thank you’. Also learning to delegate tasks – utilizing the ‘people’ resources around me to be more efficient and effective.

Jordan: I learned more about database management and how to use SQL code.

Q: What are you wanting to accomplish next year?

Týr: Before end of Q3 2020 I will have my Certification in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) to diversify my knowledge of overall compliance issues and auditing.

Madison: I want to continue assisting in the growth of John Lynch & Associates so much so that the opportunity to train and shadow as a junior consultant becomes my reality.

Q: Getting a little more personal now; what was the most challenging part of the year?

John: Continuing to meet the needs of our clients is always a challenge and I love that our company is always there to meet it head on. We listened to our clients and looked internally at our services and processes to improve and align with their needs going into 2020.

Q: Favorite client moment? Favorite Team moment?

Katie: My favorite client moment this year was participating in their 50th anniversary, celebrating their accomplishments, hearing how they continue to impact the community and receiving a day to celebrate them from the mayor! My favorite team moment was our annual company celebration weekend & getting to be together to celebrate all of the accomplishments throughout the year.

Jaime: I am not really sure if this is a team moment as opposed to a ‘laughing at myself’ moment but at a staff meeting someone made a comment that made me laugh so hard, water shot out of my nose!

Q: What was the last big achievement that was celebrated?

John: 7 years in business!

Katie: 7 years!!! Cheers to 7 Years!!!

Jaime: Cheers to 7 Years! Our annual company party! Every year John and Katie manage to outdo the previous company event. They put SO much thought and attention into each and every detail!

Týr: In October, our company celebrated its anniversary. This year, our executive team took our entire company on a 3-day glamping trip near the rim of the Grand Canyon. We laughed, we hiked, we played games, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was the best experience I’ve had with any company I have been fortunate enough to work for and with.

Madison: The last big achievement we celebrated was our “Cheers to Seven Years” annual company party! It’s a big deal and we’re honored to celebrate together! Here’s to many more years to come too!

Jordan: Reaching 7 years as a company!

John Lynch & Associates would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

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