Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

December 26, 2018

Throughout 2018, our team at John Lynch & Associates was reminded again and again of why we do the work we do.

The men and women we work with, the healthcare facilities we have the privilege of supporting, and the patients we ultimately impact are our enduring why.

The past year brought us many new challenges – both on a professional and a personal level. We saw our first employee retire, we experienced tremendous growth, and through it all, we enjoyed many joyous moments and valuable experiences.

Our Philosophy

We often hear from our clients that working with John Lynch & Associates is unlike working with any other healthcare IT consulting firm – and there is a clear reason why.

We view our work with clients as more than just projects to complete or tasks to check off a list. Our clients become part of the John Lynch & Associates movement toward advancing healthcare. The relationships we are able to create and nurture allow us to build trust, enjoy more effective communication, and do far more impactful work together.

Enriching Experiences

For instance, one of the clients we worked with in 2018 has been with us for more than four years now. We have all invested so much time and energy in mutual work that we have formed a sincere bond and appreciation for one another.

We have celebrated successes together and have become a part of one another’s lives – all of which makes it easy to go the extra mile to take care of our client and ensure we never leave anyone unsatisfied.

The bonds and relationships we form make us all better at our jobs and give us the confidence that we are not only impacting patient lives for the better, but also we are impacting our client’s lives for the better.

Improved Communication

By following our philosophy for allowing space within business partnerships to build genuine friendships, we have seen incredible improvements in our communication.

Unlike many healthcare IT consulting firms that struggle to receive all of the pertinent information throughout a project that can significantly impact success, we enjoy open, fluid communication by providing trust, compassion, and understanding within our relationships.

As a result, we are able to better understand our clients and often see issues or important factors that others miss.

Meaningful Growth

Our philosophy at John Lynch & Associates is also founded on a system of peer reviews. Internally, we regularly provide each other with feedback designed to help each person grow into his or her skills.

We establish the same feedback systems with our clients so that we are able to consistently improve and our clients are able to do their work better and have a more profound impact on the community at large.

While many people see “feedback” as a word heavy with negative connotations, we look forward to our peer review sessions because we all relax into the trust that each person will be treated the way we all want to be treated: with respect, dignity, and support.

Together, we are able to lift each other up to new levels of excellence. The end result is a team that works together in unison and is healthy, happy, and challenged.

Thank You

During this special time of year, we want to extend our deep gratitude and appreciation for our clients, our partners, and everyone who has been involved in helping us advance healthcare in 2018.

Your willingness to allow us into your lives means a great deal to everyone at John Lynch & Associates. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with such dedicated partners and intelligent colleagues and peers.

We would like to also extend a heartfelt thank you to our entire team – Jaime, Echo, Dustin, Brookelynn, and Jordan. You all make coming to work a joy and have enriched our lives in indescribable ways.

Thank you to those who have referred others to John Lynch & Associates and who have recommended our team to peers and colleagues.

As we enter 2019, we are looking forward to expanding our give-back beyond what we do as healthcare IT consultants by increasing our partnership with charitable organizations and donating our time to regularly support our community.

As we continue to grow, we are looking forward to new business, new relationships, and new opportunities to overcome challenges and ultimately improve patients’ lives.

If you would like to work with us in 2019, we invite you to get in touch with us. We would be honored to share with you the exciting journey the New Year has to offer.

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