What Is Strategy Consulting & Why Is it So Critical Now?

October 8, 2019

In the business world today, strategy is more important than ever. At John Lynch & Associates, we specialize in strategy consulting and bringing together thought leadership with the right tools and technology to help our clients navigate through any uncertainties within their organizations. Together, we find the right path to be successful into the future.

But what is strategy consulting? This is a fair and common question, particularly because so many healthcare organizations have only ever experienced management consulting.

While management consulting focuses on helping organizations improve performance, strategy consulting takes a much broader view of the entire organization and purpose behind why the organization exists. Through strategy consulting, we define the approach, tactics, and plan that will guide the organization and attract patients and public support in order to achieve the overarching goals of the organization. In essence, strategy consulting encapsulates everything an organization needs to do to ensure successful revenue management and profit.

Strategy consulting is a type of healthcare management consulting that is absolutely critical to success as our healthcare industry takes on ever more challenging changes.

With the announcement of the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services’ 16 strategic initiatives, plus innovative healthcare reforms that are taking place locally and nationally, we are committed more than ever to supporting our clients in advancing healthcare.

Our Commitment to Advancing Healthcare

As we continue to help our clients with information technology, operations, regulatory compliance, project management, human resources, and all the advanced analytics that are required to track, analyze, and optimize each stage of successful healthcare operations, we are excited about the shift in focus as John Lynch & Associates will be making strategy consulting a core offering of our work with healthcare organizations.

As strategic consultants, our goal is to help C-suite leaders and directors determine which actions to take, how to prioritize new initiatives and roll out strategic implementations grounded in the organization’s overall mission.

We then execute to bring the leadership’s vision to life by working with managers and line-level staff members by providing project management and support that consistently ties back to the goals of the organization.

By working together from a place of integrity and impact, our clients benefit from sustained and profitable growth, having a documented corporate strategy that provides end-to-end value, and measurable clinical outputs.

Focusing on strategy first before implementation and execution, we are able to ultimately help all stakeholders – from executive leaders to physicians to patients – be the best version of themselves.

Strategy Consulting & CMS Strategic Initiatives

I am truly grateful that we work in an industry that is constantly focused on and striving for improvement. Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released their 16 Strategic Initiatives aimed at “transforming the health care system to deliver better value and results for patients through competition and innovation.”

One of CMS’s strategic initiatives is to prioritize patients over paperwork, which is in line with the core purpose of strategy consulting.

In an effort to provide higher quality patient care, CMS has committed to reduce the unnecessary regulatory burden of immense paperwork to allow providers to concentrate on their primary mission: improving patient health outcomes.

The “Patients over Paperwork” initiative was launched in 2017 by CMS Administrator Seema Verma. Now, in 2019, CMS has proven to be successful in eliminating overly-burdensome and unnecessary regulations and guidance to allow providers to focus on patient care.

As a result, CMS’s “Patients Over Paperwork” initiative is already on track to save the healthcare system at least $5.7 billion through 2021. CMS’s work will also eliminate at least 40 million hours of paperwork burden through 2021 giving that time back to providers and suppliers to spend with their patients.

With 2019 drawing to a close and 2020 promising vast opportunities to carry the legacy of the “Patients Over Paperwork” initiative into full view, the John Lynch & Associates team is excited to be partnering with incredible, dedicated professionals and healthcare organizations by using strategy consulting to prioritize patient care.

If you are interested in learning more about how strategy consulting can support your organization’s mission of service, get in touch with us. We are here to help you reach your fullest potential.

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