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Our marketing team will help your organization create and implement strong marketing and brand strategies to increase competitive edge while helping you grow your business.

Increase Your Competitive Edge Through

Healthcare Marketing & Brand Strategies

In the past, market strategy and branding were not viewed as a top priority for many healthcare organizations. However, with the accelerated use of technology, consumers (patients) now have limitless options at their fingertips and are actively playing a large role in managing their health. This has led to a consumer-focused shift in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, healthcare organizations are finding it difficult differentiating themselves from competitors. John Lynch & Associates marketing experts help organizations create and implement strong marketing and brand strategies to increase competitive edge while helping you grow your business.

Strategy & Planning

Our marketing experts collaborate with leadership to develop strategy that combines high-level elements such as the company’s marketing goals, positioning, targeted customer information, and product mix.  We meticulously craft a results-driven action plan detailing the specific activities to maximize value while ensuring your brand resonates.

  • Analyze benefits and features of your services
  • Develop and understand the needs of your target market
  • Audit past and current marketing efforts
  • Uncover untapped opportunities and provide recommendations
  • Interview leadership to understand goals, objectives, strengths, weaknesses and referral processes

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Branding is more than a name, logo and color palette. Your brand represents a promise you make to your patients, the value you place on your patient relationships, and accounts for every experience, every touchpoint they have with your healthcare organization. Your brand encompasses everything from organizational identity and company material, to delivering the best possible patient experience and quality of care. Our branding experts will guide your organization through your brand journey from identity creation to execution.

  • Define your brand (vision, mission and values)
  • Establish brand and value positioning
  • Develop creative element
  • Design message architecture
  • Customize and implement brand guidelines
  • Communicate ‘one voice’ – a clear understanding of the organization’s brand and buy-in from your physician and staff (at all levels) is critical so they can share it authentically
  • Create consistency – Deliver on your brand promise so that your customers always return; stay consistent in every aspect of your brand strategy


We offer a variety of al a carte creative services:

  • Logo & tagline development
  • Advertising (mailing campaigns, newspaper, magazine and other print media)
  • Business card, letterhead, email signature and other branded marketing collateral
  • Sales tools, guides, presentation material, and more

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