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Our experts study organizational structures, assess the efficiency of business processes and leverage skill and experience to create transformational value and competitive edge for our clients.

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John Lynch & Associates organizational specialists help you develop effective strategy for mastering organizational change. We develop your resources to leverage skill and experience improving organizational structures and processes. We excel at creating transformational value and competitive edge for our clients.

Our consultant experts take an objective look at your organization. They study organizational structures, assess the efficiency of business processes, and interview employees and managers at all levels. They also assess skill levels throughout the organization. Based on findings and our extensive experience, we provide recommendations to your organization’s executive team.

When requested we take responsibility for managing the change process by acting as project managers, setting schedules and budgets for change programs. Our advanced team of trainers provide training programs to improve skills. And to maintain energy and momentum our organizational consultants coach executives and department heads in the process of change management.

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Our Process

Organizational Assessment.  Do all the parts of your organization work well together? We observe, research, and interview to determine strategies for bringing greater value to your business.

Change Management.  We work with your leadership and personnel to strategize and implement change that increases productivity, improves work processes, and adjusts office environment behaviors.

Team Building.  Increasing value through team building, we coach your teams to work effectively together. Our experts train your leadership and staff to work harmoniously, reducing stress, and increasing productivity.

Process Improvement.   Once we learn your business, we develop a plan to improve your business model. We work with your team to apply methods that improve your practices and reinforce those applications to bring greater value to your daily operations.

Meeting Design.  Effective organizational development includes meeting management. Our team will help teach meeting facilitators how to set agenda, organize materials, and keep meetings on task.

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