Electronic Health Records

Our experienced consultants offer Electronic Health Records services throughout ambulatory, tribal health organizations, hospital & health systems, and community mental health practices.

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We provide you with the tools necessary to create effective change within your organization and apply our best practice methods to your specific workflows. We combine a unique blend of practice management and EHR experience, a thorough understanding of clinical and business processes, application content and IT technical expertise. Our goal is to provide a personalized end-to-end service through implementation, project management, workflow optimization, training, and support.

The electronic health records expertise we provide covers a wide range of multi-specialties. We understand clinical workflows, provider pain points and methods to streamline processes for the greatest results. We also understand providers’ desires for more face to face care. Implementing best practices and encouraging organizations to work to the top of their licensure level allows this to become a reality.

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Many of our consultants have come from the clinical world and have been in your shoes. Together we collaborate where your expertise in health care is assisted with our skill in your electronic health records.

John Lynch & Associates provides our full suite of consulting services in Ambulatory facilities and Hospital & Health Systems to help you become more effective within your practice management & electronic health records systems.

While we understand the foundational knowledge to offer project management for any system, John Lynch & Associates has the most experience in NextGen and Cerner applications.

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