Advancing Healthcare Through Quality Marketing & Consulting Partnership

March 10, 2020

John Lynch & Associates is pleased to announce that Quality Marketing and Consulting (QMC), a leading provider of physician networking and marketing solutions, has partnered with John Lynch & Associates to further enhance their existing client strategy and marketing services while expanding in new areas.

Quality Marketing and Consulting is an experienced marketing company that provides marketing and consulting services to medical specialty groups and veterinarian practices. They work with their clients to solve a variety of complex business challenges by implementing best practices and results-driven marketing strategies. With more than two decades of combined healthcare marketing and business experience, QMC specializes in increasing their clients’ business growth and patient satisfaction through referral networking and showcasing events.

John Lynch & Associates provides strategic and operational expertise that covers a wide range of specialties for ACOs, hospitals, tribal groups, behavioral health organizations and physician practices. The management consulting services that John Lynch & Associates delivers complements QMC’s services to ensure their client’s success in the healthcare industry.

“In the past, patients would stick with a physician out of loyalty, familiarity, or simply because that healthcare system would tell them where to go, what to do, and who to see. Today’s technology has given patients the power to play a large role in managing their health.” said Jaime Dunagan, Director of Marketing & Business Development at John Lynch & Associates. “Differentiating yourself from your competition down the street is more critical now than ever before.” said Jaime. “Partnering with QMC provides the perfect opportunity to continue providing our clients with proven branding and marketing methodologies of attracting new patients while retaining their existing patient base.”

For more information, you can reach out to Jaime Dunagan directly at or by phone at 623.980.8018.

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