Healthcare Change Management

Take control and overcome the odds by predicting, measuring and managing the risks of change.

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Healthcare Change Management

Change – it’s inevitable and yet will always be faced with resistance, uncertainty and hesitation. Leaving something we know and are intimately familiar with, even when we know it’s time for something new, is difficult. When faced with great change, employees often feel concern over the impacts to their organization, their department or even their job. When change takes place without a plan, organizations struggle with not only adoption, but true acceptance.

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John Lynch & Associates understands the importance of a structured approach to change. We assist you and your organization in undertaking transformative programs or initiatives no matter the level of change within your company. Guiding your organization to properly introduce the change, we use a structured, strategic, and risk-based approach to ensure that your organizational change is both meaningful and impactful. Whether it be changes to structure, systems, processes, or positions we help you navigate transitional periods and leverage support to cement the success of your project.

We empower your business to accept, embrace and prepare for change before you need to.

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Our Approach

Structure, Enable, then Implement. We focus first on building a proper structural foundation that supports your change effort. Leadership education, capability building and buy-in are essential during this first stage. Then enabling fully aligned leaders and staff to implement change with a shared purpose inspires and motivates your team to achieve more.

Energize. Many transformational efforts stall or fail due to the lack of energy needed to sustain the change initiative to completion. We help your teams build commitment to the goal and develop excitement throughout your organization.

Sustain Through Behavioral Change. Once initial change goals are achieved, our change management experts at John Lynch & Associates believe organizational transformation has only just begun. Most organizations face an uphill battle because change efforts must also be maintained over the long run.

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