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With backgrounds in PMP certification and the Lean Six Sigma viewpoint, our experienced project managers guide our clients from concept to completion and beyond with vast success.

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Large healthcare projects in general are daunting. Organizations notoriously postpone initiating large-scale projects due to the vast scope and potential for overwhelm – despite knowing how critical upgrades are to an organization’s success.

Yet, with the right project management techniques, our expert team effectively guides our clients from conception to completion and beyond with vast success.

In order to begin building the foundations of a successfully managed healthcare IT project, we start by anticipating and mitigating the most common pain points organizations face and how project management techniques can relieve the strain. However, the most critical aspect of any project is finding the right project manager.  An effective project manager eliminates barriers – such as lack of accountability, missing dependencies, and lack of clarity on goals – in order to create the space for each team member to thrive.

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Our project management experts target your specialized needs with effective communication, responsiveness and accessibility. We focus on providing a unique, efficient and evidence-based approach to handling all types of internal and external projects.

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Experience leveraging evidenced-based, Lean Six Sigma processes, that drive quality analyses and improvement via a distinct five-phased DMAIC approach, are what set our project management team apart while giving your organization competitive edge and greater success.

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