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A message from our CEO

The pandemic has disrupted our lives worldwide. Some are coping with tragic losses of loved ones while others are struggling from financial loss. The trauma is new and real to us all. So where does that leave us and what do we do next?

CEO, John Lynch of John Lynch & Associates challenges all of us to drive a stake in the ground – to seize this moment.

Seize YOUR moment.

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Questions Our Clients Have Asked

In light of all of the changes in my workplace, how can I plan for my staff to work from home?

We have you covered. Download our checklist that guides you through everything you need to consider when planning for your staff to work from home.

I have new clinical staff. How can I get them trained on our EHR quickly so they can better support our patients?

Our team is highly skilled at training and can do so remotely. Together, we can get your clinical staff up and running to ensure proper documentation. Contact us today to learn about our system specialties.

I need to limit patients coming to our office. Do you have a telehealth solution?

We do! Our HIPAA compliant browser-based telehealth solution is affordable and scalable to any size organization and works along side any EHR platform. No app, integration, or software needed. We can have you live in 48 hours.. Let’s get your 30 minute demo scheduled.

We are implementing a Telehealth solution. Do you offer services to maximize the use of our system?

We can increase your revenue and reduce claim denials with our supporting service packages. Learn more here.

We are trying to make a decision on a Telehealth solution. What is the difference between Video Chat & Video Conferencing?

Great question! Our Video Chat vs. Video Conferencing guide provides some information regarding the difference between using a 100% browser-based solution and other video conferencing platforms on the market today.

What is the best way to mitigate risk for our organization during these uncertain times?

Our thoughtful Change Management processes focus on disruptive change and its mitigation on your practice. We help your company understand change behaviors and resilience. John Lynch & Associates leads your teams remotely through change activities and projects in order to drive measurable and meaningful results.

What is the best way to provide communication to my staff, patients, customers, vendors, etc. about what our practice is doing in regards to COVID19?

Our team brings years of experience planning for, responding to and communicating the basic steps in emergency planning, and highlighting specific functions within the organization involved in the emergency & disaster management process. Contact us today for ways we can help.

How do I add COVID19 codes to my system and ensure we are billing properly?

We understand introducing the new COVID-19 billing codes can be challenging. If you are unable to add these codes to your system, please contact us directly at to learn about our system specialties. It’s our privilege to serve and are always happy to help!

What are the COVID19 codes available for Providers?

No problem! Since COVID-19 has been declared a public health emergency, the CDC ICD-10 codes for providers have been made available. Some of the codes being used are:

U07.1 COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory testing

U07.2 COVID-19 where laboratory confirmation is inconclusive or unavailable, clinical diagnosis


Reach out at  for a full list of codes today.

We need to implement a solution fast. Can you help with project management?

Our Project Managers at John Lynch & Associates utilize an evidenced-based, Lean Six Sigma approach to ensure that your projects are executed on time and on budget. We lead your teams in properly planning, preparing for, and completing your small to large-scale projects in a measurable and meaningful way.

Do you offer help navigating the challenges with COVID19 through strategic planning?

Our consultants customize their approach to best fit your business situation and needs to ensure your organizational goals are met. You can learn more here.

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