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The Value of Consulting Tools

By Týr Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Sr. Consultant | June 16, 2020

I am writing this insight while sitting in the comfort of my own home. My setting is quiet and bright and composed of all of the things I need to work effectively. Where I am sitting has the creature comforts and open space that I use to help keep my mind focused and sharp. But…

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How Quantum Computing Supremacy is Impacting Healthcare Analytics

By Týr Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Sr. Consultant | March 3, 2020

Analytics in healthcare is now commonplace. Almost everybody is utilizing some form of analytics, whether it be population health software, or even instituting an organization-wide quality management department within a hospital or health system to measure the health outcomes the organization is striving for. In fact, nowadays healthcare analytics is an expected necessity in the…

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A 2020 Vision for John Lynch & Associates in the Healthcare Industry

By John Lynch, MBA | Chief Executive Officer | January 7, 2020

As the CEO of John Lynch & Associates, 2019 brought immense clarity, several surprises, and ground-breaking opportunities – not only for us as a consulting company in the healthcare industry, but also for our clients who aim to provide the utmost quality care for patients. In the year to come, the healthcare industry in the…

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How Transformative Innovation Is Impacting Healthcare

By Katie Lynch, CAHIMS | Chief Operating Officer | November 26, 2019

The word “innovation” means many things to many different people in various industries. However, what I believe we all can agree on is that innovation represents the changes that need to happen in order for us as a society to progress. At John Lynch & Associates, we refer to this as transformative innovation, which is…

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The Role of a Healthcare IT Consultant

By Katie Lynch | Chief Operating Officer | April 28, 2019

What does the title “consultant” mean to you? For some people, a consultant is a guide who advises but remains hands-off when it comes to actual implementation. For others, a consultant is someone who swoops in to save the day. Working as a healthcare IT consultant for the past six years, I have seen the…

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Hospital Management Strategies for Improving Emergency Department Workflows: Part 2 – The Solution

By Katie Lynch | Chief Operating Officer | April 16, 2019

The risk is real. Failing to optimize your emergency department (ED) can cost more than the valuable time of your healthcare providers; it can also cost lives. As part of the hospital management team, you are responsible for caring for the health of your organization while your staff cares for patients. Many healthcare organizations shy…

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Hospital Management Strategies for Improving Emergency Department Workflows: Part 1 – The Real Threat

By Katie Lynch | Chief Operating Officer | April 9, 2019

The emergency department (ED) in your hospital is faced with unique circumstances that other areas of your healthcare organization do not have to take into account. While most healthcare departments operate on an appointment basis, the ED is, by definition, challenged with an unpredictable influx of patients – and your hospital management systems need to…

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Healthcare & IT Trends to Watch in 2019

By John Lynch | January 8, 2019

As we enter 2019 refreshed from holiday celebrations, there is a shared eagerness for the canvas of opportunity the New Year offers. To kick off the year, I invite you to consider some of the major healthcare IT trends when setting your organizational goals. While healthcare policies may be slow to evolve, technology is changing rapidly….

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Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

By John & Katie Lynch | December 26, 2018

Throughout 2018, our team at John Lynch & Associates was reminded again and again of why we do the work we do. The men and women we work with, the healthcare facilities we have the privilege of supporting, and the patients we ultimately impact are our enduring why. The past year brought us many new challenges…

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How to Avoid Another IT Project Failure

By John Lynch | October 16, 2018

You have likely heard the myth that humans only use 10 percent of their potential brain power. Thankfully, scientists have debunked that myth in recent years, but the concept is alarming. What if it were true? What if we truly only had access to 10 percent of our potential? The thought is disturbing and leaves…

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