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Moving Technology to the Cloud During COVID-19

By Jordan Lynch | Help Desk Analyst | August 25, 2020

More Businesses Than Ever Before are Moving to the Cloud The cloud is a worldwide, connected online environment that provides substantial advantages to individuals and companies alike. Cloud services are efficient and cost-effective. A large number of companies in the U.S. are starting to realize the benefits of moving their data to the cloud. As…

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Healthcare and Big Data: a Winning Combination

By Jordan Lynch | Help Desk Analyst | August 11, 2020

Big data is all about large datasets. Modern datasets are so large and complex that you need special software to extract any information. The internet is a classic example of big data. In fact, the amount of information online today is so vast that it would be impossible for anyone to see it all within…

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Not All Solutions to Improve Healthcare are High-Tech

By Jordan Lynch | Help Desk Analyst | June 30, 2020

As of 2018, the US spent about 17% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare. In addition, the US spends, on average, two-and-a-half times more compared to a majority of other developed nations, while allocating almost 60% less on social services ( Not surprisingly, average life expectancy lags behind most European nations by more…

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How to Transition From One EHR System to Another

By Katie Lynch, CAHIMS | Dustin Týr Miranda, CSSBB | Echo Miranda, NCP | June 23, 2020

Switching to a new EHR? Transitioning from one system to another is a chance to reset your healthcare organizational goals. However, switching systems or simply trying to optimize the system you currently have can be a daunting project. Given the high rate of IT project failures, it is no wonder that so many healthcare organizations…

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The Value of Consulting Tools

By Týr Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Sr. Consultant | June 16, 2020

I am writing this insight while sitting in the comfort of my own home. My setting is quiet and bright and composed of all of the things I need to work effectively. Where I am sitting has the creature comforts and open space that I use to help keep my mind focused and sharp. But…

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5 Project Management Techniques to Create a Successful Healthcare Operation

By Katie Lynch, CAHIMS | Chief Operating Officer | May 12, 2020

The healthcare industry is in constant flux, with sweeping changes occurring on a regular basis. In fact, in addition to the current COVID-19 outbreak, a major challenge facing healthcare organizations in this climate of reform is managing costs while still delivering excellent patient care. To accomplish this, operations management must constantly keep up with demand…

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Why Traditional Healthcare Branding Will No Longer Work

By Jaime Dunagan | Director of Marketing & Business Development | April 7, 2020

Most people think branding reflects how easily people remember your company’s name or the impact of a pleasing logo and appealing color palette making your organization stand out. However, branding is so much more. Branding is about your reputation and about what your customers think when they see your logo and your name. In fact,…

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Millennials’ Expectation of Digital Healthcare Transformation

By Madison Granger | Administrative Assistant | March 31, 2020

There are approximately 75 million millennials in the United States, which is nearly one-fourth of the population. Millennials are people typically born from 1982 through 2000. They are the children and grandchildren of the baby boomers, but the world that millennials live in is greatly changed from that of their parents. Millennials grew up in…

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How Quantum Computing Supremacy is Impacting Healthcare Analytics

By Týr Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Sr. Consultant | March 3, 2020

Analytics in healthcare is now commonplace. Almost everybody is utilizing some form of analytics, whether it be population health software, or even instituting an organization-wide quality management department within a hospital or health system to measure the health outcomes the organization is striving for. In fact, nowadays healthcare analytics is an expected necessity in the…

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How the House Committee Hearing on Data Privacy Is Impacting Healthcare

By Týr Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Sr. Consultant | February 4, 2020

On October 18th, 2019, the United States House Committee on the Judiciary discussed a topic that has the potential to have massive, long-lasting repercussions for the healthcare industry: data privacy. As lawmakers discussed the role tech giants play in the global handling of individual data and the privacy – or lack thereof – that goes…

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Healthcare Marketing Tips That Will Keep Your Organization Ahead of The Competition

By Jaime Dunagan | Director of Marketing & Business Development | January 28, 2020

Historically, patients would see a family doctor and stick with that physician out of loyalty, familiarity, and maintaining multi-generational relationships. Unfortunately, that model is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today’s patients are opting for choosing physicians based on online reviews, which is leading to healthcare consumerism. In our modern, digital-everything society, consumers are…

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States Leading the Nation: Telehealth Parity Law Updates for 2020 & Beyond

By Týr Dustin Miranda, CSSBB | Sr. Consultant | January 21, 2020

Telehealth is quickly emerging as a promising new technology that is being widely accepted by both patients and providers. Not only are advances in telemedicine allowing providers to reach underserved populations and improve the experience of care for patients, but also patients are finding it more convenient and comfortable to interact with the healthcare industry…

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